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Hi, I'm Mateusz - sound and music producer trained at the University of Lincoln, as well as a classical pianist trained at the State Music School in Kalisz, Poland. My particular love to music and a pristine quality sound has brought me to where I am now - pursuing my career as a sound/music producer/composer. I honed my skills through learning from the experience of sound and music industry professionals like:                                                                                                                        

Lee Gretton
Lucy Mitchell
Eimear Ni Ghuaire
Luke Pickering

I've always thought about sound and music as an extraordinary means of portraying emotions in their purest form. This is why I have a particular interest in music and sound for visual media and musical storytelling.



IMPORTANT NOTE: The uploaded audio on this website has been unnaturally compressed, resulting with a metallic sound artefact that might be noticeable in the frequencies above 4kHz. I apologise for this inconvenience, but I'm currently working on a better way of delivering my portfolio.

An example of how the Orchestral Trailer Music track works with motion picture. The track is synced and mixed with a sound design layer of Godzilla trailer (2014)*.

* Please note that the music was not originally composed to this specific trailer. Neither was the trailer cut to this piece of music.

The original video available from: 



A short sample of my sound design that I am currently working on. Please note, that there is NO FOLEY EFFECTS added yet!

Some other sound design highlights below:





Composing soundtracks to this game was my first experience in the game music industry. The tracks were composed in 2017, before I started my education on Audio Production course. It was actually the experience which made me choose my further education in sound and music production.

The idea for the soundtracks was similar to the concept for the graphics - keep them simple and very characteristic for each level, so that players would have different experiences when changing chapters of the game.


Watch the gameplay and have a listen!


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